Learn how to can fresh fruit. Learn how to preserve the color and flavor of your home canned fruits.
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Learn How to Home Can Fruits From Your Garden

Part 4 of "How to Can Fruits and Veggies From Your Garden."

Canning Fruit
Fruits are generally canned using the boiling-water canner. However, some fruits can be canned with the pressure canner--like tomatoes and applesauce. One thing about canning fruit is that it tends to discolor while you are preparing them for canning. This can be prevented by adding some antidarkening agent(like Fruit Fresh) to some water and placing the fruit in it. You can also use lemon juice or ascorbic acid (vitamin C.) I have never used Vitamin C, so I don't know how that would work.

Sometimes fruits need to be packed with a syrup made of sugar and water when canning. Of course sugar is not necessary for canning, but sometimes the syrup makes the taste and appearance of the fruit improve. You can make either light, medium or heavy syrup.

Recipe for Making Packing Syrup