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Advice on How to Make and Keep Friends

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For Kids Only!

Are you having a hard time getting and making friends?
Real friends are people who are there for you and is very supportive. Do you know anyone like this? If you don't, here are some pointers on how to get some.
First things first, your friend doesn't have to be popular, think of it, all you need is a friend, who cares if they are! When you get your free time, go and hang out with someone. If they act like you are not there, ask them a guestion like, "What have you been doing latley? Do you want to come to my house or do somthing sometime?" If they say yes, then while you are doing that something, talk and get to know them better. But if they said no, try it on other people or try to get them to crack like try to be their gym partner or try to sit by them at lunch at school. If they say that you have been following them around to much then you could still go for another person or you could say that you just want a true friend like you and then they probaly will start being a friend of yours.
Do you already have a friend and going through tough times with them?

   If your friend is hanging out with alot of people but just not you, I think that it is time for you to get a to get a new friend. Or if your friend hurts you in any way, you can hurt them back. But remember you have to always take the risk of getting caught. This is what my friend does. I always thought that she could keep a secret but every secret I tell her and I tell her not to tell any one, she blabs it to the world. She also pinches me or slaps me when she doesn't get her way. Now when she does that to me, I do it even harder to her. You don't have to have alot of good friends. I onley have 3 real friends. They don't hurt me, and they are true friends. If you get in a fight with them and you want to end it quick, just say whatever and walk away. If you already had a fight and they are is still mad at you, if your school has one, you can go see a school counselor. If it doesn't, you can try to work it out by yourself your you can get a teacher to help. If your friend is a bully and tells you what to do, you can always say no or tell a teacher. If they call you names say, "What?" and real fast and before they can say what they said, say, "thats what I thought you said." If they say it again just say "What! I can't hear you! Your braking up!" If they are that stubern and they say it right in your ear, push them away really fast.-Bonbon



Illustration - On the phone

I hope that my advice will work on you!